Conference topics:

Dignity and social justice

The centenary of the rebirth of Poland is an opportunity for sum up the events that fill us with pride. Nevertheless, both the past period and present times are marked by situations that give rise to concern, anxiety and sometimes also to a feeling of injustice. These include, among others, various types of contemporary „miseries”, such as poverty, unemployment, homelessness, orphanhood, addictions, social marginalization and exclusion which affect a part of Polish society. These types of statistically neutral miseries bring with them painful dramas and sometimes tragedies to the lives of the people experiencing them.

„Dignity” and „social justice” are two perspectives of analyses and, at the same time, criteria for the development of a genuinely human common good that the organizers of the Conference accept in their diagnoses of the native forms of misery in the Polish society and in their search for solutions which would respect the innate and inalienable dignity of every human being and the principles of social justice.

Thus, the reflection of experts on the Polish forms of the broadly understood „miseries” also becomes a reflection on Polish sensitivity to misfortune of other people in the sphere of social solidarity and justice and on the condition of such sensitivity and its forms of expression.