Conference topics:

Ecology, social solidarity, sustainable growth


University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

Concern for the existence and future of our Homeland, and thus for the quality of life of all those for whom Poland is or will become a home, taking into account the material and spiritual environment of their lives, is the keynote of a conference dedicated to ecology. By redefining the meaning of ecology, expert analysis will cover three types of „natural” environments with a significant impact on the existence and future of Poland and the quality of life of its inhabitants, namely the natural environment, social environment and personal environment.

Progressive degradation of all these environments, posing a real threat to contemporary and future generations, is a fundamentally important ethical, social and political challenge, and for believers, also a religious ones. The organizers of the Conference particularly address the challenge to experts of various fields, including Catholic social teaching, inviting them to search for possible solutions guided by the obligation of solidarity with others and the principle of sustainable growth.

The conference „Ecology – Social Solidarity – Sustainable Growth”, emphasizing a more integral understanding of ecology and the development of this kind of thinking and sensitivity in the Polish society, at the same time also provides an impulse for in-depth debate on the contemporary character of the common good and therefore on the subject of currently significant representation of the „natural common good” (natural environment), „institutional-instrumental common good” (social environment) and „personal common good” (personal environment).