KV Polonia Restituta

Polonia Restituta

The Decalogue for Poland on the Centenary of the Country’s Restoration of Independence

In 2018, we are celebrating the centenary of Poland’s restoration of independence; the jubilee of such great importance should encourage deep reflection. We would like not only to make use of the legacy of the past century, but based on historical experience also to diagnose the present and reflect on the key challenges and tasks for the future.

In our reflexions, apart from classical branches of learning, we will adopt a particular perspective, that of Catholic Social Teaching in view of the significant role of the Church in our history.

Polonia Restituta

The Centenary of the Country’s Restoration of Independence

This year, we are celebrating the centenary of Poland’s restoration of independance. The jubilee celebrations of this momentous event are co-organised by various players from the academic, political and social scene. The voice of the Catholic Church whose social teachings have shaped the thoughts and behaviour of many Poles should not be missing.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education together with the Council for Social Problems of the Polish Bishops’ Conference join the anniversary events through the “Polonia Restituta. The Decalogue for Poland on the Centenary of the Country’s Restoration of Independence” scheme. President of the Republic of Poland holds honorary patronage over our undertaking while Akademia Ignatianum from Krakow is its content coordinator.

The scheme is based on a series of ten conferences addressing key issues for the Polish society, as well as values and areas of everyday life in the light of the principles and criteria of Catholic Social Teaching which has played such an important role in the history of Poland. The subsequent conferences will be held in various academic centres of our country. A recapitulation of the whole range of subjects discussed at one-day conferences will take place at a two-day international congress in Krakow in 2019.

We would like to contribute to the revival of the debate on the teachings of the past one hundred years and, above all, to strengthen and deepen our reflection on the challenges and ideas that will shape our common future. We will invite experts in the field of Catholic Social Sciences as well as representatives of other communities to participate in the discussions, regardless of their views and political positions; in fact the invitation is open to everyone who cares about Poland, our common good.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Science and Higher Education
Jarosław Gowin
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Science and Higher Education

Podpis Abp Józef Kupny
Archbishop Józef Kupny
Chairman of the Social Council
Polish Bishops’ Conference


Calendar of events

The scheme consists of a series of 10 nationwide academic conferences held in the most important Polish academic centres and addressing the issues of broadly understood public, economic, political, social and cultural life.